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Mamó Restaurant, Harbour House, Harbour Road, Howth • +353 (1) 839 7096


‘Cod chip’ 8

Boyne Valley cheese beignets 9

Thornhill duck tart: parfait, confit leg, shallots, hazelnut9

Culatello di Zibello 15


Almond ricotta tart, summer greens, basil and lemon oil 13.5

Freah scallop crudo, macadamia, blood orange and pickled fennel 16

Beef tartare, anchovy, basil and Parmesan custard 16

'Tongue & Cheek' nettle ravioli, roast onion broth 15.5  


Wild garlic gnocchi, squash, roast broth and pickled shimijii  35

Halibut, sauce vierge, confit octopus and mussels 36
Lamb: shoulder belly and tail , glazed carrot, lavash, almond &  cous cous 35
Higgins Family Butcher Cotes de Boeuf, crispy potatoes and bearnaise (for two) 90


Dressed leaves, pickled kohlrabi and sheeps milk dressing 6

XO carrots and spiced cashews 5.5 
Crispy rosemary and garlic roast potatoes 5.5

Sweet and Cheese

Roast white chocolate custard tart, strawberry sorbet and preserved strawberry 12
Passionfruit pavlova: curd, lime merginge, coconut cream 11

Market cheeses (2) , poached pear and nigella seed crackers 14

 Higgins Butcher/ Fish:Kish/Organic Veg: McNally’s/ Lobster: Steven Farren
Lambay Crab /Howth Honey: Mary Gillick/ Flowers: Seagarden

Sustainainability is at our core. 

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